Genealogy Research

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Family History Research Services

*Fee: $125.oo per hour, with an eight-hour minimum.

Products delivered with each order:

  1. A signed, dated, client-genealogist contract guaranteeing my services
  2. Scans and/or photocopies of all historical documents I find (Note: there is an extra cost for translated transcriptions of entire documents; see my translation page for details)
  3. A fully cited narrative history of your ancestors
  4. Pedigree charts and family report visuals of all my findings
  5. Surname distribution charts and a family tree graphic  (client must provide the photographs)
  6. A detailed research report with complete record citations, log of records searched, and invoice for services

*Please Note: My rates recently changed; the hourly rate above now applies to ALL time spent on client work. However, to simplify and save money for my clients, I no longer charge them for expenses like mileage, meals, overseas postage, incidentals, or document photocopies, unless I must travel beyond a certain radius from my home in order to seek out their ancestors. When such travel is necessary, I discuss the matter with my clients beforehand and make special arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

Sample Surname Distribution Chart:

Eaton surname distribution chart

Sample Family Tree Graphic:

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.57.21 PM

To ask me about your own family tree, please submit your inquiry here below: