Interested in a Pursuing a Genealogy Credential?


I will be leading the upcoming FREE study group offered by the International Commission for Accreditation of Professional Genealogists for those who want to apply to take their exam to earn the Accredited Genealogist® credential.

To demonstrate an interest in participating in my study group, fill out the form at this web page under the “Study Group Interest Form” link:

I hope to see you there! 🙂


New Italian-Language Genealogy Book

Hot off the presses in Italy, a new Italian-language book about genealogy research in the bel paese!

I just ordered my own copy, and Amazon Italia tells me it will be here sometime in June, so stay tuned for my review, which I will have ready sometime next month! 🙂

Click the image to view where to purchase a copy:

Click to view in Amazon Italia

New Italian Document Transcription on My Site

I sometimes tell my top-performing university students that their excellent research reports would make for great advertisements on their web sites once they become professional genealogists. But then it occurred to me: I had never posted sample work products on my own site!

So in order to set a better example for my students, I plan to start rolling out samples of my genealogy work products in the coming months.

This week, I added to my web site a 1700’s Italian letter that I translated and transcribed for a client. I post it here with the client’s permission, and hope it adequately illustrates just how fun Italian genealogy research can be. These old, often deteriorating, documents make for fun reading, don’t they? I couldn’t imagine a career more exciting than genealogy!

To see my eventual transcription and translation of this document, click on the image itself:

1770Letter_01 with sig

New Italian American Biography Publication Announced

I’m excited to announce the publication of another book about Luigi Del Bianco, the Mount Rushmore sculptor featured in Lou Bianco’s book In the Shadow of the Mountain:

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 2.52.46 PM

Del Bianco is described by the author as “the man who saved Jefferson’s face and brought Lincoln’s eyes to life.”

The second book about Del Bianco is set for release in May of 2014, according to a recent press release.

I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

Infographic: Genealogy Evidence and Proof

Some changes were made to genealogy standards over the summer; with the publication of Dr. Thomas W. Jones’ text Mastering Genealogical Proof  by the National Genealogical Society in June, I had to revise my genealogy proof infographic to reflect the additional categories of sources, evidence, and information contained in Jones’ book. Below is the revised infographic of those concepts, in my own words, and I will be revising it again after the February release of the new BCG standards manual if I note any changes, so stay tuned to this post for any edits/updates! 🙂


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The Other Side of My Forensic Genealogy Work

A recent article in Popular Science shows the KIA/POW soldier remains repatriation efforts in which I am involved as a forensic genealogist for US Army Contractor SNA International.

Here is a link to the full article:

While these brave men are pulling downed planes form the ocean, I am on the other side of the story, researching the descendants of the soldiers aboard such planes, so that a living DNA donor can be found to help identify those remains:

Photo by Scripps Institution of Oceanography; posted to Popular Science web site.
Photo by Scripps Institution of Oceanography; posted to Popular Science web site.