Ancestral Community Guide

For clients who prefer to do their own family history research, I provide this one-time service, a super-useful reference work (typically several pages long; smaller villages or frazioni sometimes 5-7 pages in length) designed to aid you in your research, showing you where all the records are for your ancestral comune, both in Italy an the United States.

The Community Guide is also designed to help researchers understand the various conventions and customs of the ancestral motherland. This reference work can save lay researchers hours of misdirection, plus it proves helpful for those who simply want to understand their own paese and get to know their people.

My Community Guides typically include:

  • A brief historical synopsis of your ancestor’s comune in Italy
  • Images and maps of the area and frazioni
  • Lists of available repositories of genealogy records and how to access them (with contact information, etc) in both Italy and America
  • Churches and their associated dioceses/diocesan archives, with contact information
  • Relevant customs, feast days, sayings, and other cultural minutiae typically important to know when performing genealogy research
  • Synopses of any current events that might affect genealogy research in that area

Cost: $350.00 per guide. Discounts available for clients ordering multiple guides within the same province. Inquire via the Contact page for details.

*Sample guide coming to the site soon!