Helping Italy’s Endangered Archives

Today, The Guardian reports that Italy’s state archives–the institutions that preserve Italian American ancestors’ documents–are facing funding cuts that are putting the future of their records in jeopardy. Modena’s records office has closed its doors, and other offices are behind in their bills, the article says.

For Italian Americans who want to help preserve their ancestral records, there is something you can do!

As I mentioned in a previous post,, a church-run records preservation organization, has been microfilming Italian state archive records and making them accessible to researchers worldwide for several generations. They are now putting those records online, where Italian Americans can search them for free, at the site below:’s Italian Records. Click on image to visit.

If you are of Italian American descent and want to do something to help support the preservation of Italy’s precious historical records, I recommend joining FamilySearch’s volunteer Italian Records Indexing project, which you can learn about at the site below. Indexing is as simple as tagging someone in a Facebook photo, only you will be tagging ancestors in a digital image. You can help index records on your home computer, or even on your smartphone–with their iPhone and Android apps–whenever you’ve got a few minutes to spare:’s project for Italian records indexing volunteers. Click on image to visit site.

Thanks to FamilySearch, your Italian ancestors’ records will be safe, searchable, and available to future generations for free research as long as we continue to support FamilySearch in their Italian preservation endeavors.

Now, I’m off to go index another batch of Italian records! 🙂

One thought on “Helping Italy’s Endangered Archives

  1. Just remember that the indexing app on the phones doesn’t help towards getting the records out there to the genealogists. It’s still in beta testing and none of the information you index is put towards FamilySearch’s databases. Genealogists are better off to index using their computers through the main indexing program.


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