Lost Ravioli Recipes

ravioliWhenever I find myself in casual conversation with Italian Americans, I can’t say enough about this AMAZING book!

Laura Schenone’s Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken: A Search for Food and Family  is a touching and poignant memoir of the author’s search for authentic Italian family recipes–a journey that becomes more than a recipe hunt, as the author comes to know much more about her family, her ancestors, and her self as a result of this culinary quest.

Here’s a video where you can watch the author making her famous ravioli:

I recommend this book to everyone I know–regardless of heritage–for the way it so beautifull illustrates the way a personal memoir should be: open and honest, entertaining, and worth the time any reader would dedicate to its pages. With this book, I was delighted to find all of those things and more, as I learned not only the fascinating tricks and techniques to authentic homemade ravioli cooking (you’ll never eat out again!), but also the way a family’s triumphs and tragedies are more easily understood when applying a historical perspective, the perspective that says, “Hey, your ancestors had it rough, too, so you’re not alone. Now stop whining and enjoy life! Live, love, laugh, and make fresh ravioli!”

Okay, so it’s really not that simple, but I’m sure you get my gist: that history makes the present more palatable for those of us who struggle to understand our immediate and extended families and their respective “issues.”

Can you believe I got all of that from a book about ravioli? Oh yeah–read it yourself, and see what YOU find, too! 🙂

One thought on “Lost Ravioli Recipes

  1. I took your advice and bought this book! Awesome does not come close to expressing my love for it – I laughed and cried with her each step of her journey! We have taped my sister-in-law also making pasta (not ravioli) and she also uses the pin! My husband has promised that if I practice first with her, he will indulge me this treat at home too! Every step of her search for ravioli is also a search fro family, for roots, for more meaning for her role even as parent – what better gift is there for our children than to give them a connection to their past as well as guide them into the future? And as Italian families we know the perfect place for that is around the table filled with good food, having long conversations into the wee hours, celebrating all that os good as well as bad about families!


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