Italian American Heritage

I became a genealogist because, from a tender age, my mother regaled me with all sorts of interesting tidbits from our collective family lore. The people who preceded me became real to me, and I wanted to know more about them as a result!

Not only did mom’s efforts spark an interest in family history, but they also instilled in me a love for my predecessors and a desire to honor their name–my name. As a result, I lived my teenage years in a manner that would reflect well on our family name, and avoided some of the common traps of adolescence (rebellion, partying, etc) as a part of this effort.

history-channel-vid1Today I am highlighting a product that I recommend to families who want to instill a similar familial pride in their Italian American family. I recommend watching the following documentary together.: The Italian Americans, a History Channel special on DVD. To order this DVD, click here.

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